PRINCESS  performs a great show of the best songs of Freddie Mercury and his band Queen. Five musicians from Krnov are convincingly playing all songs of legendary band. With the charisma of the main singer Freddie they can make the audience sing within few seconds and drag then into the great atmosphere of their show and evoke a pleasant mood with songs of British band.

        PRINCESS  has been on the scene as a tribute band from the beginning of the 1997. Thanks to wide range of hearers and admirers of Queen’s music, the band is included with thousand of played concerts, among main favorite tribute groups.

        PRINCESS  also very successful in Poland where they played more than 440 concerts at open air gatherings including meeting with main Polish bands and singers such as Lombard, Urszula, Lady Pank, Maryla Rodowicz, Bajm, Big Cyc, Brathanki, Feel and others. In 2004 the band gained 1st place at the European “Festiwal Cowerów Tama 2004” and the Audience award in the contest with international participation. In 2007 Princess played in front of the British legendary hard rock band Uriah Heep. Princess also performed at several shows in Slovakia, Germany and Austria.

        A successful step was also performing at festivities in the TV Prima, Nova, ČT and TVP2 and at the attendant festivities at various international competitions and contests (World Championship Juniors in Figure skating, Contests of truck in Most, Motor rallye Bohemia cup, International contests of dragsters in German Cottbus, Winter Park in Berlin etc.)

        From the favorite songs of the Queen you can hear:

  I want to break free
  A kind of magic
  Radio Ga Ga
  We are the champions
  Show must go on

I believe I made you feel interested in this band and I let me offer you some of the variation:

until 40 mins music packet ( half playback ) - disco, ball, social party, dancing party etc.
until 90 mins concert packet ( live ) - this can be also performed as more parts.

Types of shows that the band is performing at:
        Concerts at cultural centre and theaters, clubs, firm’s party, festivals, balls, town celebration, private party, beer celebration, oldies party then also as a accompaniment at fashion show, sport events, conference etc.


        In case of interest I can also offer you other tribute bands from the home scene which are thanks to years of cooperating with international partners also successful abroad.

        Elvis Presley  *  ZZ Top  *  The Beatles  *   U2  *  Abba  *  Deep Purple  *   Smokie  *  Apples  *  a další.







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